Service Policy

Healthmate customer service and the service networks at all levels to end users

1、Strictly abide by the national "product quality standard", "consumer rights and interests protects a law" and "new" 3 packets "regulation" to provide users with the maintenance service units to provide maintenance services

2、8:00 to 22:00 hours service consulting, complaints hotline;

3、Downtown user service 24 hours door-to-door service, suburban counties to provide door-to-door service in three days, special circumstances door-to-door service immediately, and follow up 100%;

4、The user communication within 24 hours to get timely treatment and feedback;

5、Warranty enjoy free warranty, life-long maintenance beyond the guarantee period, and do not lower the standards of service, not disorderly bounty fee;

6、Belong to one of the following circumstances, does not belong to the warranty scope:

(1) from the user use, maintenance, maintain undeserved cause damage;

(2) the Healthmate service network installation, maintenance, disassembly and cause damage;

(3) does not provide warranty card or upgrade valid certificates or warranty card  valid vouchers through altered;

(4) the healthma substandard goods or indicate the product is not a free warranty;

(5) the damage is caused due to irresistible factors;

(6) beyond the use fixed number of year of the product.

Healthmate product warranty commitments

1.Since the date of the end user to purchase products, fitness products for small repair warranty for three months, and household products, commercial products a year warranty for three years, upgrade, the national group.

2.The key parts warranty:

Electricity run series motor warranty five years, massage chair machine warranty for three years.

Service Hotline

Contact with Healthmate, we would love to hear your opinion.
Time: 9:00 in the morning to 18.30
 in the afternoon, our customer service staff will serve you wholeheartedly.