How about the Healthma MT10 treadmill? Depth evaluation

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As a leading domestic fitness equipment production enterprises, Healthma has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of fitness equipment, and in 2007 registered the "Healthma" brand trademark. Healthma's common brand products are: folding multi-functional home treadmill, multi-functional lazy fat machine, acupuncture points to stimulate the vibration of the magnetic wave of health care machine, multi-function massage chairs, fitness cycling, elliptical machines and so on.

And today to mention the Healthma treadmill MT10 models, how its performance, I will be in the following for a detailed analysis of various features of the Healthma MT10 various configurations.

Healthma treadmill MT10 market price

Healthma MT10 online price is 2980rmb, the price in the domestic treadmill is not cheap, but in the international brand home treadmill, the price is only the entry price only. Market competition models such as billion health 8008A, Kai Maisi MQ7, Shuhua 9119 series.

Healthma treadmill MT10 positioning crowd

Healthma MT10 in the design, heavy calm, black tone, visually look more atmospheric Tiancheng, own style. And the price is not high, it will be some of the domestic white-collar workers, civil servants, have a taste of the family one of the preferred treadmill.

The evaluation of the location is a more open exhibition hall, evaluation models for the MT10, the machine for the prototype, so the entire prototype surface is not worn, but does not affect the quality of the evaluation, we can refer to the new machine.

Healthma treadmill MT10 external evaluation

MT10's tough design, looks very strong and strong. The whole design style and tones are very atmospheric, classic. Large size treadmill gives the impression that the performance of the atmosphere, coupled with the black main colors and orange color of the embellishment. The whole machine is both calm and steady atmosphere, with a metallic texture of the heavy and modern, and no lack of orange health vision.
Panel design is for the domestic users of the habits and preferences of human design, the key is not much, the function is very comprehensive, and with a treadmill safety magnetic buckle automatic protection device. Intelligent control, touch sensitive and smooth, orange panel to bring a strong control experience and healthy visual effects. In the appearance of the panel is also a good point for the Healthma treadmill.

Healthma MT10 treadmill workmanship
MT10 EPC material with the production of more handrails, comfortable feel, this is the international brand business machine only configuration. Thickening of the steel column, the use of imported high-quality steel, bold thick design, durable, high degree of exercise can effectively support the body. (This is the same in foreign countries with the price of the brand is definitely spike them), running with diamonds with anti-skid running belt, with high precision, anti-skid wear, clean more peace of mind advantages. The stability of the treadmill is also very good, the body without any signs of shaking.

Healthma MT10 treadmill folding and push-pull system
MT10 hydraulic booster folding system, hydraulic lift folding, automatic card bit lock, safe and convenient. After folding height of 138 cm, the size of the domestic users, the folding is very convenient, not because the body is not convenient to operate up, and this size also further reduces the space for easy storage. Put away the treadmill can use the wheel to move, ladies can easily control.
Overall, the process of folding and down is very easy, and the effect of hydraulic rod slow down is also good, using a two-stage hydraulic decline, there is no accelerated decline in the situation. Folded after the storage is also because of the human design of the wheel and it is very convenient.

In the overall appearance of the evaluation, the Healthma MT10 treadmill showed a home treadmill entry-level price with a luxury configuration level. Bold design, calm workmanship, user-friendly design, functional comprehensiveness is a good selling point.

Healthma MT10 treadmill motor evaluation

As a home treadmill, in order to meet the daily household, the normal requirements of continuous horsepower should be at least 1-1.25hp or so. Most of the entry-level treadmill motors we can often see are 1.5 or 2.0hp. But this Heisman MT10 has reached a staggering 2.5hp continuous horsepower. Because the user simply do not have to worry about its ability to work continuously. The maximum load is 120kg

Healthma MT10 treadmill damping system and running belt

Healthma MT10 treadmill damping system used in the six-stage shock absorption, the use of horizontal spring + hydraulic + pressure + honeycomb + silicone + tendon wheel a total of six at the same time shock absorption, absorption movement in the movement of the release of the treadmill The impact force. The use of treadmills, the soles of the feet and running board will have a great impact between the soles of the feet and knee will bear the impact of 2.5 times the weight, therefore, shock absorption is also an important factor in measuring a treadmill.
The entire treadmill running with seven parts of the material composition 1, wear-resistant layer (friction, anti-skid wear)
2, the support layer (load-bearing 300 pounds) 6, the consolidation layer (to prevent the offset) 7, anti-rupture layer (to reduce the noise) 3, the fixed layer (reduce sports injuries) 4, (Durable)

Healthma treadmill MT10 after-sales service

Ningbo Healthma MT10 treadmill in the sale of the machine is a year warranty, the motor warranty for three years, which is the industry as a whole standard of synchronization. Because Healthma is a domestic brand treadmill, in major cities in the country have maintenance service points and home installation point, so the maintenance of the entire after-sales protection, compared with foreign imports of treadmill is still very advantageous.

Ningbo Healthma treadmill recommended reason: Healthma is a set of product development, manufacturing, marketing, brand operation as one of the large-scale, diversified enterprises, is the domestic fitness equipment industry leading enterprises, Healthma has Their own export rights, the annual export value of light exports abroad as high as three million, in terms of quality, since Needless to say. In terms of price, whether it is peer or foreign brands, Healthma treadmill without any brand premium. From the machine itself, MT10 design sense, appearance, material materials, intelligent system panels, shock absorption technology are very good. In the same price, this configuration should be far ahead of other brands. The price is relatively high requirements of friends, this machine will be a very good choice.

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