Home treadmill and commercial treadmill how to choose?

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Home treadmill and commercial treadmill how to choose?

Running is a short period of high-intensity aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise with burning fat, lower blood pressure, treatment of chronic bronchitis, cervical spondylosis, neurasthenia, increase lung capacity, reduce heart attack and other functions. Running on land and running on treadmill. With the weather in recent years, the air is getting dirty, people tend to use treadmills to run. And, according to the kinist's statistics, on the land every 1000 meters, the legs hit the ground on the ground 600-700 meters, which makes the foot and hip muscles are subject to a certain degree of vibration, easy to stretch ligaments or sprains muscle. As technology became more and more developed, these problems were solved by scientists.

Treadmill total for home and business, home generally refers to the small family to use, and most of the commercial treadmill in the gym and large entertainment, hotels and so on.
The following Healthma  said the difference between commercial treadmill and home treadmill.

Difference one

Price difference, the general price of home treadmill in a few hundred dollars to five or six thousand dollars, and commercial treadmill prices are considered very poor, and more than 10 million and hundreds of thousands of treadmills have a treadmill , Very luxurious.

Difference two

Configuration differences, home treadmill configuration is low, the general configuration of the motor power performance, shock absorption system, carrying capacity, running board, material and so no commercial configuration is high, which is directly related to the above distinction between a price problem. The higher the more durable configuration, which is directly related to the life of the treadmill problem.

Difference three

Brand distinction, home treadmill domestic use more, such as Shu Hua treadmill, Chislim treadmill,Healthma treadmill, because the domestic cheap, as the home is very appropriate, while the contrary commercial-type treadmill Most of the foreign imports of treadmills, generally more of the United States speed Seoul, Joe Hill treadmill, bh, Germany Yi Bu, the price is relatively high, the configuration is also high. In the gym there may be you have not seen the brand, all in English. This is normal. Of course, some gymnasium with domestic treadmill.
Ordinary home, then, with the domestic can fully meet the needs of small series is used in the domestic Healthma treadmill.

In general, commercial treadmills are mainly used in gyms, and commercial treadmill prices are much more expensive than home treadmills, need regular maintenance. The commercial treadmill uses an AC motor, so it can run for a longer period of time. And there are five windows of electronic form, to more comprehensive display of the user's information. In general, the commercial treadmill provides a comprehensive entertainment options for users to use, most of the treadmill with the user for the entertainment LCD screen, you can listen to songs, watching video and many other entertainment.

The following Healthma said under the treadmill hidden professional knowledge for people in the purchase of treadmills in the end when the choice of home treadmill or commercial treadmill for reference purposes.

First, the treadmill within the buffer device Treadmill If there is no good shock absorption system, it is easy to cause sports injuries. In order to minimize the force of the foot joint of the user, the knee and the impact of the back, in the treadmill set a certain buffer device and treadmill slope adjustment buffer. Built-in buffer device can effectively reduce the impact generated when running. However, for treadmills, the impact of the impact of the human body is an important factor in the width and length of running belt, running board flexibility. The width and length of the running belt, that is, the area of the running belt. According to the height and weight of the different, the appropriate area of the running belt is different, of course, the more the more comfortable running area. Note that the user should have a step-by-step process when setting the slope. The slope should start at "0" and gradually increase the speed or slope. Remember not to start from the higher slope, which is likely to cause movement damage. It is enough to adjust the slope to the "1" or "2" of the tilt. In the simulation of the outdoor slope, the treadmill should be slightly raised in front to reduce the risk of injury. But the slope can not be too big.

Second, select the appropriate power motor motor is what we often say that the motor, the treadmill is the core components. Home treadmill is basically a DC motor, the output is also very stable, do not need regular maintenance, relatively safe. Commercial treadmill is also used by the gym treadmill, are basically AC motor, can be used for a long time, need regular maintenance. In general, the greater the horsepower, the greater the weight of the load, the better the stability of the treadmill, but in the purchase of treadmill, the greater the horsepower is not the better, select the user to use the horsepower Can be.

In the purchase time, jogging or buy their parents to use the treadmill, select the horsepower in the 0.6HP or 1.5HP on it. Regular exercise or daily use, choose 1.5HP or 3HP is enough. If you are a professional runner or running enthusiast, 3.5HP may be more suitable for you. Motor horsepower is an important factor in the purchase of treadmill, the quality of the motor itself is also very important. If you choose the good quality of the motor, then the relative life of your treadmill longer, and the dynamic sound strong, sound smooth, as the car driving sound in general.

Third, the treadmill on the heart rate function is very important Everyone has the limits of exercise, running is aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise can enhance the ability of the heart, making the heart's ability to shrink. Can also improve the nervous system function, improve muscle work endurance. But if your exercise is too strong, then the respiratory system and the circulatory system will not be able to meet the requirements of oxygen with tissues and organs, it will transition to anaerobic exercise. However, anaerobic exercise on the human injury is great, great harm to the heart, specifically for breathing difficulties, chest pain, chest tightness. Therefore, in the use of treadmill running time, need to control the heart rate in the maximum heart rate of 60% -80%, so that we can achieve the effect of fitness.

fourth, more and more brands tend to fitness and entertainment to develop a new treadmill. So that more and more businesses ignore the potential security risks of consumers. However, in general, the display height of about 1-1.2 meters, in front of the user, then look at the video when people will head down, bow back, so that the center of the body will be excessive before pour. Long time to maintain such a position, it will cause too much pressure on the lumbar spine, easily lead to lumbar strain.

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