The treadmill effect reducing weight good?How to use the treadmill run out of the slim?

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Today, thin body weight loss has become a female friend's attention, any exercise to lose weight, they won't let go.Some women are confused about the treadmill effect reducing weight good? This article will answer for you, tell you as a common fitness equipment,Home treadmillWhat is the effect.

As the saying goes, a year the four seasons is spring, what we all want to hurry, spring is a season for revival, is the beginning of life, the spring can give people on the mood and life also brought a lot of joy.With the improvement of living standards, fitness, and gradually formed a kind of mainstream, it is obvious, the benefits of reducing fat and increase muscle can help you to lose weight, strong physique, strong bones and so on, also can prevent some diseases, etc.

Every morning, when the warm sunlight in the body, when the fresh air into the nostril, when the warm spring breeze caresses cheek, you will feel every nerve in the jump of the body, every cell in the mouth breathing, have the urge to want to run.In cities, where to find local gradient running?At that time, is reminiscent of the treadmill.We choose our running in the gym, or buy a treadmill exercise at home.Most of the time, we don't know how to use the treadmill exercise effectively, how long does it take to run, several different stages, only know with running machine rolling belt running continuously, dull and silly.

In fact, running can not only have the exercise effect of fitness plastic body well, more important is running can also improve the cardiopulmonary function.Look at the below use the treadmill training four steps.
Warm up 10 minutes, entered into a state of movement

Time: 1 minute - 10 minutes, the heart rate (220 - age) x 30%, slope: 0 °, speed: 6 km/h - 7 km/hour.
Warm-up exercise is very important, we should first before using the treadmill running and jogging for 5 minutes, people familiar with moving body, then gradually transition to the state of striding fast walking, walking time is 5 minutes.Big step in the process of fast walking main purpose is to through the movement of upper limb swing sharply and thigh, let every muscle of the body are involved in the movement of each nerve quickly into motion.
In the joints of limbs will have a certain amount of joint fluid as a lubricant, the legs of a long-span large movement and swing arm will strengthen every joints of the limbs, make joint fluid lubrication effect better.
At the same time, it should be finished in the warm-up phase adjustment pace, posture, and a good opportunity for breathing, if do adjustment in before you start to accelerate, you will find that the pace of the high speed running machine make you cramped, respiratory disorders, in this case you may insist on how long did not stop running.
Jogging for 20 minutes, activate every muscle

Time: 11 minutes to 30 minutes, the heart rate (220 - age) x 40%, speed: 8 km/hour - 10 km/hour, slope: 0 ° to 10 °.
After 10 minutes of warm-up, activate the body's muscles, every nerve in the excited state, each cell is gaining momentum, waiting for a big just a time.
To jog treadmill slope up to 10 ° or so, many people misunderstanding, think in a treadmill with slope games become the calf, calf muscles will crosswise development, in fact, on the contrary, due to the reason of the slope, the calf muscles are stretch upwards, not only make the leg coarsens, can make the calf long instead.
If, after the jogging phase is still in the slope of 0 ° treadmill running, when we both feet on the ground after suspension of that moment, we will for your knee patella caused great impact.
Run for 20 minutes at a moderate speed, a large number of burning fat

Time: 31 minutes - 50 minutes, the heart rate (220 - age) x 60%, speed: 10 km/hour - 12 km/h, slope: 0 ° to 10 °.
After accelerated step by step, now it's time to enter the medium run, medium run time and strength should be the guidance of professional coaches, medium speed run if can insist on more than 15 minutes can reach the purpose of physical fitness.
Smooth deceleration for 10 minutes, the body gradually relaxed

Time: 51 minutes - 60 minutes, the heart rate (220 - age) x 30%, speed: 6 km/hour, slope: 30 ° to 10 ° 0 °.
End to gradually reduce the running speed, by 8 km/h to 6 km/hour, and then to 3 km/hour, slope from 30 ° to 10 °, slowly for 10 minutes.Speed quickly reduce will make muscles relax immediately, suddenly relaxed only temporarily alleviate fatigue, and after a momentary relief, the whole body ache will make your muscles become lifeless, this time is through the ascension of slope to ensure that the motor nerve tension and muscle movement, at the same time, walking on the 30 ° slope greatly can also maximize the stretching the calf muscles and calf muscle, and coxal muscle are involuntarily as running belt tightening, promoted by rolling.
When slope slowly lowered, slow down, the body gradually relaxed, then specifically to do the best joints, muscle relaxation, such as control slightly shaking limbs, stretching before and after the small of the back and legs muscles and ligaments, at the same time is good for health protection and health of the heart.

Conclusion: it is the answer to the heisman to everybody, the treadmill weight loss effect is very good, in lose weight at the same time, also can enhance our constitution, make us more healthy.Hope heisman introduction to be of help, and can choose the suitable for their own treadmill.Finally I wish you good health.

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